The Brazilian Barcode of Life Consortium has 11 projects:

PJ 01 Bioinformatics Platform Guilherme Corrêa de Oliveira Read more  
PJ 02 Brazilian Initiative for Molecular Identification of Marine Organisms Mariana Cabral de Oliveira Read more  
PJ 03 Brazilian DNA Barcoding Initiative for Aquatic Arthropod Fabio de Oliveira Roque Read more  
PJ 04 Vouchers Management and Institutional Capacity to Generate DNA Barcodes Paulo Andreas Buckup Read more Results
PJ 05 Molecular Identification of Biodiversity of Terrestrial Invertebrates Ana Maria Lima de Azeredo Espin Read more  
PJ 06 Molecular Identification of Brazilian Plants Vânia Cristina Rennó Azevedo Read more  
PJ 07 Molecular Identification of Brazilian Fungi Aristóteles Góes Neto Read more Results
PJ 08 Molecular Identification of Brazilian Parasites and Vectors Fernando Araujo Monteiro Read more  
PJ 09 DNA Barcoding of Brazilian Ichthyofauna Jorge Ivan Rebelo Porto Read more  
PJ 10 DNA Barcoding of Tetrapoda: Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals Eduardo Eizirik Read more  
PJ 11 BrBOL - Brazilian Network for Molecular Identification of Biodiversity Claudio de Oliveira Read more Results

Each of the research projects falls into 10 Working Groups as defined by the International Barcode of Life Consortium on the following taxonomic groups or ecological assemblages:

WG 1.1 Vertebrates PJ 10 / PJ 04 Read more
WG 1.2 Land Plants PJ 06 Read more
WG 1.3 Fungi PJ 07 Read more
WG 1.4 Animal Parasites, Pathogens & Vectors PJ 08 Read more
WG 1.6 Pollinators PJ 05 Read more
WG 1.7 Freshwater Bio-Surveillance PJ 09 / PJ 03 Read more
WG 1.8 Marine Bio-Surveillance PJ 02 / PJ 09 / PJ 03 Read more
WG 3.1 Core Functionality PJ 01 Read more
WG 3.2 Mirrors PJ 01 Read more
WG 4.1 Project Coordination PJ 11 Read more